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Hello from DORSYA

Hello from DORSYA,


Welcome to this new chapter of Dorsya. A blogging chapter filled with much Love.

Here I am…sitting in my sunny garden, sipping a good cup of coffee and thinking about the start of this journey.

My goal with this blog is to spread some joy, inspiration and love to my readers. A place where I can share stories about travels, life stories, fashion, motivations, and anything beautiful and eye catching in this life.

The main reason why I’m thinking about blogging is because I always had a passion for writing…for me the writing is an endless way to express myself, there are no limits, is like a different world opening up every time and only the imagination can set the boundaries. 

Writing calms my mind, it takes me to an other level where my thoughts can escape from a daily sometimes stressful life. 

So here is to a charming yet challenging start to do something else, something interesting, something what I never done but I know that I love, love the idea of writing, love the idea of sharing, and the plain fact that I may be able to help and inspire other people and this makes me happy. Enormously happy!

So if you are with me in this little chapter, please follow my Blog, leave some love and come back as often as you can.


With much Love,

Dorsya ( Orsi )

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