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The Story of Dorsya

Welcome to the World of DORSYA!

DORSYA is a women's watch brand designed and based in London. It was founded by D.Orsy and Arpi in 2018.

A couple whose love for travel inspired them to design a watch that will always have the power to remind you of your unforgettable travels and at the same time inspire you to discover the wonders of the World. A timeless piece to motivate you. To reach your limits. To live your life to the fullest. As time is priceless. Make it count every second. Go discover. Enjoy. Live.
And create lasting memories with our wanderlust inspired World Map Design Watches.



Our Signature Collection "The World Map Watch" is suitable for modern women and for everyone who loves to travel. 

When it was time to name our watches we wanted something different, remarkable, and unique. We wanted to ad history and significance to our watches. Something that goes back in time and is timeless, but still will add a travel-related personality to them. The perfect choice was the names of the Travel Gods of Roman mythology.

To give a more personal touch to the brand we used our creativity and combined the letters from our names D.Orsy and Arpi, so this way DORSYA was born.

A special role in defining our logo had a pendant with a letter “O” what Orsy has. But we found just a letter to be too simple so we placed our “O” in a Diamond shape reflecting that every one of us is special and unique in so many different ways.


Targeting the mid-market we aimed to create a sophisticated and quality brand with affordable prices. All our watches are made with care and attention to detail.

Wear it with LOVE, just how we created for YOU!

D.Orsy and Arpi