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The BEST Souvenir for Digital Nomads - by Janelle

The BEST Souvenir for Digital Nomads

 Dorsya - Terra Silver world map necklace
Souvenirs are always a fun way to bring back a piece of our travels to remember the special moments. However, for long-term travelers and digital nomads, souvenirs can quickly become impractical.
As long-term travelers, we are often limited by space and weight for what we can bring back as a souvenir from each city or even country we visit. Or, for many of you (myself included) you don’t have anywhere to store souvenirs “back home” because you are living nomadically.
How then, can we take a piece of our journey with us to remember the memories we’ve made across the world?
I have been searching for the perfect item to remind me of my time spent traveling. But it is very difficult to capture that exact feeling of freedom, joy, and growth that comes with travel.
Until I discovered Dorsya jewelry.

Dorsya - gold necklaces

Jewelry is the perfect souvenir (or gift!) for a digital nomad because it is light weight, versatile, and can be worn to avoid taking up any space in luggage. Long-term travelers especially need a few key, very nice pieces they can wear constantly.
I have a world map necklace (see here for Dorsya’s collection of travel necklaces) but I wanted something I could look at every day to remind me of past trips and that the world is always out there waiting to be explored some more!
Dorsya world map necklace, silver necklace 

My boyfriend discovered Dorsya’s absolutely beautiful Carte du Monde world map watches to gift me, and I immediately fell in love with mine. In fact, it has barely left my wrist besides showering!
A world map watch is the perfect, constant reminder of some of my favorite travel moments.
While you can find many map watches on the internet, Dorsya’s are not only of a high quality, but they truly capture the magic of travel in a way that other companies don’t. If you read the story behind Dorsya, you will quickly realize the true passion and love for travel that they have.
dorsya - silver jewellery and silver world map watch. 

As long-term travelers, we know how special travel is and how hard it is to capture all our feelings towards it in just one souvenir. Dorsya is able to take that feeling and turn it into a beautiful (and affordable for us working, budget travelers!) reminder that traveling teaches us time is priceless and to never stop wandering and exploring.
Author Bio: Janelle is the owner of Make the Trip Matter, a travel blog and advisory service dedicated towards helping professionals travel more and live abroad to learn that it is possible to travel the world while building a strong career and exploring your deeper passions.

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