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The World In Her Eyes

Hello there,

Hope you are all having a gorgeous day filled with happiness and only good vibes !
I understand that these time are so uncertain, challenging and in some cases stressful for some of us.

That's why I was thinking to launch a project on the DORSYA website called:
"The World in Her Eyes"

Dorsya | Travel | Blog | Watch | Accessory

Since we all love travelling and I'm sure that lots of us got already million of travel and other plans cancelled too, this project would be a nice idea to Travel the World "virtually" and find out more about each other's perspectives.

I'm inviting all of you to participate in this beautiful project with us.

If you feel so, here's what I will need you to do:
A simple blog post with pictures, and the title: " The World in Her Eyes - choosen destination ex. Malta "
There are no rules about it.
You can write about your favourite destination, local things to do, to visit, to see and explore, wild beaches, unexplored paths or anything what catched your eyes during that travel.

Each blog post will be fully credited.
By writing a post you give your knowledge and permission for DORSYA to use it by posting on the website and social networks.

If would you like to participate just email us at

Let's Travel the World and escape to some wonderful destinations together 🌍

Much love ❤

Dorsya ( Orsi )

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