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The World in Her Eyes ~ Crete

I’ve been a couple of times in different countries and summer holidays, but one of my best experience was in Crete

If you’re in love with hot summer weather, beautiful seaside, if you are enjoying both the sea and mountains, and you have only 10 days for a summer holiday and you can’t decide which one to choose, than your choice has to be Crete.

If you do so than I can show you the island “from my eyes".

Dorsya Travel Blog Crete

Crete is Greece’s largest Island, our hotel was in Hersonissos, there are lots of restaurants, terraces, lots of souvenir shops.

Me and my partner’s favourite sea view terrace was the “Porto Greco”, each evening after dinner we walked here and had some nice cocktails.

The most amazing place it was the “Preveli beach” – Preveli River Lagoon & Palm forest (South of  Crete), is a very romantic and exciting place.
On the two sides of the Grand River there is a large colony of palm trees, which give the region a sense of tropical landscape, the colour of the river is an intense green I‘ve never seen before.
You can walk along the river, under the palm trees, and the river is forming a small lake too where you can swim. In the other side there is a mountain where you can climb and you can see this unimaginable view.

Dorsya | Crete Blog | Preveli river | travel

If you ever been to the Caribbean, Philippines or you just love white sand, crystal clear water but you cannot afford, there is a solution: in South-East of Crete if you’re taking a small boat for like 1 hour distance there is a small Island named Chrissi Island.

This little Island is like an “isolated” Island, there is only one terrace, no Hotels, no pubs, no restaurants. It’s a “calm”, beautiful, quiet little paradise for your eyes and soul.

Dorsya Blog travel Chrissi island Crete

Last but not least I will tell you a couple of nice beaches, where we been and which ones worth to visit: Agia Pelagia, Star Beach, Bali Beach (like a little Monte Carlo), Ligaria Beach, these are ideal for snorkeling too.

Dorsya Blog Travel Crete beach

If you are having a rainy day or you just like a little historical experiment, than you can visit Knossos in Heraklion. 
If you are in this little gem don’t forget to try their local “Haraki” drink.

This it was my little experiment of Central-East Crete, hope will help some people choosing their future destination and I would like to thank you to Dorsya for this opportunity, and that I could go back and remember how beautiful was my holiday and how lucky I am even in this difficult time.

Thank you!


These were the words of Kinguci about her dream holiday in the mesmerizing Crete. 

Much Love



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