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The World In Her Eyes ~ Egypt

Dorsya blog | Egypt Pyramids I have been in many places during my life, but my all time favourite was Egypt, I also call it the 1 $ country, because everybody shouts at you on the markets 1 dollar. 
I highly recommand if you plan to visit Egypt don’t just sit in your hotel, drink your cocktail and eat the all inclusive food, get out off your comfort zone and schedule for everyday a mini vacation so your time will be fulfilled with great experiences minute by minute.  

Dorsya travel blog | EgyptFirst thing what I suggest is to book a hotel in the center of Hurghada, so you can see the local markets, shops, even Costa coffee, this city is really international in all ways.
You will realize when you arrive there are no traffic regulations, but they like it this way, the city it’s a bit noisy of the tooting cars. 
Also bargain, bargain, bargain. That’s my biggest advice, even if  you take a cab, don’t give them more then 1-2 $, which experience you should try if you go to Egypt, is really funny. 

Dorsya Travel blog | Egypt sea trip

Personally I didn’t try the food outside the hotel or restaurants.
Hygiene is what you should consider important, but there is nothing you should worry about.
I always disinfected my hands before eating, I consumed just bottled water, and if you really have simptoms there is a medication called Antinal, it helps you a lot, only in Egypt you can find in local farmacies ( 2$), also if you feel really bad you should go to the hospital to a medical professional.
And drink alcool, a shoot of Jaigermaister per day is enough. Be aware putting ice cubes in your drinks, because it’s made of tap water. 

Dorsya travel blog | Camel ride and PyramidsRegarding to minitrips I recomand to book trips to: Pyramids and Sfynx, Temple of Karnak, Cairo and all time favourite Bedouin village experience, where you can ride actually a real camel and drive a boogie. These trips include the transportation and food.  

Dorsya Travel blog | Egypt sea side

As funtime you should consider to try snorkeling, because the Red Sea is one of the best and most beautiful sea I’ve ever seen with lots of colorful corals and safari tours in the desert, maybe swimming with dolphins, but you should try only if you are a good swimmer. Also if you want to see the best beach in local take a trip to Paradise Island


Be aware of vendors, sometimes they are very pushy, they are known for their great hospitality, they can sell you anything, but how I said just bargain and take care of your money. If you are a women don’t just go for a walk alone, go in groups.

Dorsya travel blog | Egypt




I guess that’s all and I hope I could bring you a small capture how it is in Egypt if you plan a vacation there.

Take care,

Anita B.

These were the words of our sweet Anita B, who is a passionate traveller, hobby photographer and a professional pneumology Doctor.
I really hope you enjoyed reading her story about the royal and beauteous Egypt.

Much Love,

Dorsya ( Orsi )



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