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The World In Her Eyes ~ Las Vegas

Say *Titty Vegas*

Welcome to my story of being in Las Vegas for 1 Week for my 30th Birthday!!!!

Dorsya Travel blog | Las Vegas

Me and my boyfriend left at the end of February to Las Vegas, Nevada from Zurich, Switzerland.
We became parents in 2019 and this was our first week going all by ourselves, which was very exciting.

So back to the trip from home till the city that never sleeps, we had our bags checked in and our cocktails ready, and all we could think of is what is it going to be to see Vegas for the first time from above.
We arrived in the night.

Just book flights which land in the evening in Vegas (first hint).
You won't take the Heli ride anymore, as you had a plane take you there in the evening, what can be more awesome?!

Like any other turist we took an Uber (first time); always check the time you are traveling and what you have to pay because 3 out of 4 cab drivers will charge you more that you should pay (secong hint). It's a belovet way to make money, I never been charged so much more anywhere else in so short time (that i know of) .

Las Vegas |Dorsya Travel Blog

We stayed at the Hotel Planet Hollywood, reason why I really like Jersey Shore (I know) and they were there too, really fancy.
Lots of famous people where alread there. I think other hotels are also really good but there was no Jersey Shore, you feel me!😊

It was a good stay with spa, pool, gym, big casino, big selection on restaurants, Gordon Ramsay has his Burger Restaurant there, Starbucks, Bars, good shows: Gwen Stefani, some magician (because you always need some magic), great staff, basically everythig you need was all in one place.

First day we explored the place.
It was a change to Switzerland.
We enjoyed it.
Girls dresses like cops taking pictures with turists, tattoo studios on the street, bars, music, fancy cars.


During our stay we discovered great places with lots of tasty food. Here is my recommendation.

For Breakfast:
MAXIE`S - Eggs and Bacon or Bagel with Creamcheese is must have; extra is that one can have as much coffee as much you can drink.

For Lunch:
Forest Gumps Dinner -really great food, lot of shimps and fishy dishes, Bubba Gump shrimps are really the best.

Dorsya Blog Post | Las Vegas Bubba Gump restaurant

Gordon Ramsays Burger Bar, AND HE WAS THERE !!!!! We went for lunch, the queue was long but we waited, it was our lucky day. Gondon Ramsay was also having lunch there, seing him was the first surpise (he is much taller we ever though); their sweet potato fries with powder sugar is a must. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT if you didn't yet. Like ying and yang.

Dorsya travel blog | Las Vegas | Gordon Ramsay restaurant

P.F.Changs - was a great chinese restaurant for a change from all the fast food.

Cafe Hollywood - you will always have a special relationship with this place; is always open and you can eat & drink whenever you want. It's pretty cool.

Dorsya Travel blog| Las Vegas Lago, Bellagio Hotel and CasinoLago, Bellagio Hotel and Casino - to eat out fancy. It was on my birthday that we went there. It was one evening I will never forget. It is pretty expensive and you have to make a table reservation in time but for that you have a view on the fountain and you have a lady walking around and taking pictures when the watershow is on , like in Oceans Eleven (movie) just you are sitting inside and not outside, and hopefully your friends won't leave😊
For special occasions it is a must do. And of course you can buy the pictures put nicely in a photoalbum. What is different in the States is the tap water, you dont pay for it and it always comes with ice, so if you dont want ice in your drink, whatever you order, even in the winter,  you will have to let them know (third hint).

After I made you really hungry let me tell you about the shows/exibitions/casinos/wheavy weight box fights we saw.

After I made you really hungry, let me tell you about the shows / exhibitions / casinos etc.

Las Vegas | Dorsya blog | Travel blog | Luxor, the hotel -casino

At Luxor, the hotel -casino is made like a pyramide from the outside with the sfinxs, towers, sand and palm trees.You may think for a second that you are in Egypt, then you go inside and you have everything like the other hotel-casinos.

Dorsya Travel Blog | Las Vegas Casino

So here it is the famous Titanic exibition. At the entery we got 2 tickets exactly like the original ones from 1912 with a QR Code, so at the end we could check if we survived or not and witch passenger we were during the tour (the QR Code was new compared to the original tickets😊).

Las Vegas Trip | Dorsya travel blog | Titanic | Luxor hotelThey re-made 1st Class ,2nd Class passenger rooms, items they had found after it sank, the Deck (it was dark like in the night just with small lights like little stars); they had walls with pictures of passengers and their story why they wanted to go tot he US; (you had all kind of stories : wedding, bithday, fastest way to get to some appointment, visiting family, traveling back to the States, business trip etc).

Las Vegas Trip | Dorsya travel blog | Titanic | Luxor hotelOne room had an iceberg you could touch, it felt like it was even colder than normal ice.

The last room had a real piece of the Titanic. A REAL PIECE. It was such a small piece of the Ship and still it was in the whole room, there was no space for anything else. Really amazing just thinking of it how big the Ship itself is, and how much more there is at the bottom of the ocean.


At the end when we checked our tickets, well I didnt make it, but my boyfriend did ;).

Dorsya Travel Blog | Las Vegas | ForemontFremont Street the Old Las Vegas : this is where it all started. The Strip, the casionos, the shows, bars where all here before more and more turist came and it had to be build bigger and better so it's now called the Fremond experience. It has 7-8 stages with all different music and Djs playing for the people who come here. Here you will find every kind of personality you are looking for. It has on every corner one casino or bar. Here on this street you have a restaurant witch have a big scale next to the main door, and if you are heavier then 170 kilos (if i remember it right ) than you can it for free. Dorsya travel blog | Las Vegas| Foremont streetThe Fremont streets ceiling is a huge TV, the hole street is covered. Here are also the best zip lines. The ceiling is covered in motives and colors and you can just zip underneath them looking down to all the people walking around.

Las Vegas Casino Dorsya Travel blogCasinos, I know you where already waiting for this one. The best thing I saw is that they have staff, who gives you a masage if you need one. Playing was fun, really fun!!!!!!! Everytime we made 30-40$ more, we had the feeling we are really lucky. The slotmachines, the poker tabels, the roulett, just everything makes you feel so lucky when you play that it just takes all you money away. So we played a little here and there always with great hopes but you know how it is, the house always wins. And a really good tip is that as long as you play, you can drink for FREE, whatever you want. The casinos are a really good place to enjoy yourself, I wish you good luck.

Grand Canyon | Dorsya Travel blogGrand Canyon and Hoover Dam, if you have one day you want to spend outside of Vegas this is a really good option. The Hoover Dam is interesting as is between two States and on the two ends you will have different time zones, on one side you are to early and on the other side you will be too late.
The canyon is one of a lifetime, breathtaking to see and visit. It is a longer drive from Vegas but is worth it.

Dolan Springs | Grand Canyon | Dorsya Travel blogDriving towards the canyon we stoped at a small place called Dolan Springs, like in the movies you see it: ranches, mailboxes on the roadway, just one post office, one grocery store and one place you can eat a hot dog or a burger served by a trucker guy or his wife, but really like in the movies.


Being at the Canyon made me feel really small, such big mountains and the river is so tiny runing down underneath, a really good experience to make. If you have the chance don't miss it, and if you didn't manage to wake up in the morning go anyways because the sunset is going to show you colors you didn't even know they existed.

Las Vegas | Dorsya Travel blog

It was a week but so many things happend that. I hope you had fun reading my Las Vegas memories, and don't be angry at me not remembering everything, it was my 30 th birthday 😉.


This was the story of our adventurous girl, Antonia and one of my childhood best friend. She lived in lots of different parts of the world, and she's always up for a glass of wine and a friendly chat. 

Hope you enjoyed your time here.

Much Love,

Dorsya ( Orsy )



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