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The World in Her Eyes ~ Mallorca

Get lost in Mallorca, find yourself!

When visiting new places, get lost on the streets,
don't take a map with you, just walk, sit in a pub and talk to locals.
That's how you can find the soul of a place.

– that's the spiritual writer Paulo Coelho's advice for travellers. I kind of agree with this.

Dorsya | Blog Post | Mallorca coast

Ten minutes walk from the beautiful Cala Major Beach, fifteen minutes walk from restaurants and shops, and twenty minutes car drive from central of Mallorca? "Oh yes, sure! Perfect!" - I thought and booked two last minute tickets for my boyfriend and I. It all started very spontaneously. I was a bit nervous at the beginning, but luck was on our side, and as we arrived at the airport with our suitcases and ordered the first beers of the trip as we waited to board, I was starting to think everything was just perfect! Maybe beginner's luck?

First stop - the beach. Do you want a beach with hot bodies, loud latin music, parties all day and all night? Then go somewhere else, because the relaxing Cala Major beach is not for you! Mallorca's medium size beach is quiet, perfect if you want to enjoy the sight and the touch of the opal sea, the lovely warm breeze and the hot sunshine! Just lie down with a good book and a Mojito and take it all in!

Dorsya Blog Mallorca beach

After a long day on the beach I bet you are starving, go and try some local burgers, pizza, kebabs (f@ck the calories just now!), if you've had enough of traditional local food. 

At first I felt like I have an obligation to visit places, try things I read about before. Forget it! Do whatever you want to, it's your holiday, your special time!

Is it a bit cloudy? No problem! Get in the car and go to Marineland, where you can watch lots of exotic animals and a dolphin show! You have a possibility to witness the special relationship between these beautiful creatures and their trainers.

Dorsya | Blog | Mallorca |

The center of Mallorca with the cathedral in the middle gives you a full day program, just to walk, get lost and get to know the place. It's magical with its narrow streets, fountains, hidden coffee shops and pubs. The center is perfect if you're up for some shopping, a coffee, a drink, or partying into the night. Weekends here are lively and full with young tourist.

Dorsya | Blog | Mallorca | City centre

In the end we had a wonderful week in this beautiful place. As we looked out at the sea on the last evening of the trip, we already knew we were going to miss it. I managed to escape from reality, forget about everything and concentrate on what really matters.

Dorsay | Blog | Mallorca

I got lost in Mallorca and found my true self, who was stronger and ready for anything.

"~ This was the story of Betycke, who visited Mallorca last year, and let us had a glimpse of her adventure in this beautiful Island. "

Much Love



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