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The World in Her Eyes ~ Philippines

Dorsya | Travl Blog | Phillipinness

Of all the places I have been to, there is one that holds a very special place in my heart: the Philippines. As a full-time photographer and content creator, there aren't many trips I take that I don't work on, but the Philippines has changed that. Together with my boyfriend, we spent a month exploring some of the most remote and least touristic islands in this wonderful country, such as Tablas, Siargao and Romblon.

If you imagine the Philippines as a tropical destination, with clear blue waters, palm trees and coconuts on the beach, you are absolutely right, the Philippines are all of that and more!

The Philippines offer some unique experiences that can really change a person. I remember once we were snorkeling on a deserted beach and suddenly, I turn to the side and see a turtle coming to me. We swam for a few minutes and she followed me as if I was one of her, it was an unforgettable experience and it really shows that when you respect nature, you get to live the best moments, without having to join mass tourism or companies that often don’t respect local people and animals. 

Dorsya Travel Blog | Philippines | Water fall  Dorsya Travel Blog Philippines drone shot

My top three in the Philippines are: nature, people and sunset. Nature is everywhere, from the delicious mangoes you can find in local markets to the immensity of palm trees as we walk to the beach. The people are the most helpful and lovely I have ever contacted with, from young people who took us to waterfalls that only the locals knew to the child who took me by the arm while showing me their village and watching the sunset all together by the port of the boats. 


Dorsya | Travel blog | Philippiness | locals  Dorsya | Travel blog | Philippiness | local people

The small precious moments, cultural exchanges and authentic human connections are what really make me feel alive and happy while travelling. You can stay at the most luxurious hotel during your vacation but you know nothing about that place you traveled to. In the Philippines, you can stay in a cabin on the beach, eat a vegan smoothie bowl for breakfast, take a yoga class on the beach and roam the islands on a motorcycle, with complete freedom. These are the experiences that make us want to return to that place, that fill our hearts and transform us in better human beings. 


Dorsya Travel blog | Phillipinness | crystal clear water  Dorsya Travel blog | Phillipinness | sea life

The islands of the Philippines are a place where I will return time and time again - even if you have to take a two-day boat trip to reach those remote islands and be the only tourist there, it is so worth it! It is a place that you will not be able to forget and where you will not be forgotten either. People welcome you with open arms, smile at yourself for no reason, and make you feel at home, and that means everything. 


Dorsya Travel Blog | Philipinness sunset | Fortuna world map watch

You just read the story of Patricia & Miguel, full time traveller, photographer about their wonderful experience in the Philippines.
Apart of being a content creator, Patricia also is a holistic coach and energy healer for compassionate humans who are ready to find their purpose and start a journey of deep transformation.
I hope you enjoyed this new post about "The World in Her Eyes".


Much Love,

Dorsya ( Orsi )


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